Salzburg Piano Recital March 2008

my recital at Romanischer Saal , St. Peter's Abbey Crypt This was my 3rd concert at Romanischer Saal in Salzburg. I felt as if I kno...

my recital at Romanischer Saal, St. Peter's Abbey Crypt

This was my 3rd concert at Romanischer Saal in Salzburg. I felt as if I know the hall so well and not being nervous! It's a great feeling that I could just sit on and perform although I was doing quite a big programme after a long flight!!!
St. Peter's Abbey, the concert hall was at the crypt of this old church

Here's my programme this time:
Bach Partita no. 1 in Bb
Mozart Sonata in D K. 576
Chopin Ballade no.3
Hsiao An Angel from Formosa
Schubert Piano Piece D. 946-2
Beethoven Sonata the Tempest

A programme 0f Austro-German repertoire, which is brain-consuming! I inserted a little piece from Taiwan: An Angel from Formosa, which was the first time heard in Salzburg!
This roman crypt was quite a cold hall!!! But what amazing about the hall was it's echoing, I just enjoyed so much the 'swimming in the sound' and felt completely embraced by what came from my finger tips!

introduced taiwanese composer: Hsiao Taizen, premiered his An Angel from Formosa in Austria at the Recital.
這場鋼琴獨奏會在奧地利首演了台灣作曲家蕭泰然的作品: An angel from Formosa.

The Venue/音樂廳
Romanischer Saal, St. Peter's Abbey
The concert hall is situated at the crypt of St. Peter's Abbey, just by the foot of Salzburg Casle. The crypt has a special charm coloured by its rather austere atmoresphere and echoy acoustics!
音樂廳在聖彼淂大教堂的地窖 就在薩爾茲堡城堡的山腳下 我很喜歡這廳裡古僕的氣氛與極度濕潤的共鳴!
I met my concert poster on the street!

visited Mozart's Birth House
Everything in Salzburg is about Mozart, here I visited his birth house as well as his statue! Even my Hotel is named Mozart! There was a nice french fan who was coincidently staying at the same Hotel as me! He was waiting for me at Hotel Mozart's elegant lobbey after my recital to get my autograph! Such a nice incident!
with french fans Alain at Hotel Mozart after my recital
Travelling for recitals could be really tiring and stressful... but the fullfillment afterwards was just not describable... I guess that's the motivation which enables me doing it still...

The Organisation/主辦單位
Musica Viva This is the motto of Classical Music!

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