Blessings in life~

Turning in the air Flying Free~ Flying creates new journeys in life: The wings in the air have delivered me to encounter unbeliev...

Turning in the air

Flying Free~

Flying creates new journeys in life:
The wings in the air have delivered me to encounter unbelievable surprises !

Every time when it takes off, life begins a new journey:
a new journey that opens up unlimited possibilities;
Every time when it rises up to the vast sky,
I wave goodbye to the land with a smile,
As if it’s taking me to get closer to heaven.

High up in the air, there is no boundary.
Free up my thoughts and mind, and it takes me to experience whatever that life has to offer: 
The destinations I always know, but I can never expect who I am going to meet and what I am going to experience, that might just have changed my life!

So flying, an exciting process for a bigger receiving,
And I take it as a bless in life~

Hong Kong airport, waiting to depart

 Just arriving London, with view of Thames River

White Blessing~

snow in my garden

It’s probably one of the most beautiful ways to wake up in the morning: with the massive white blessing outside my windows. The snow has coved my garden and has brought the titling joy in this deadly winter. Without a second thought, I ran out to have some tranquil conversation with the vast white lights.

The dry branches of trees, the lonely grass and the little wood house all bathed in ice. And me? I just loved this temperature; the concentrated air had clear up my thoughts!

Thick snow is the twinkle light of this morning: cold but warm,
Brightens me up, and I receive white blessings from the beginning of the day…  

There are little happenings around me, and I take them as delightful blessings in life~ 

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  1. 英文格格艾瑞兒2007年2月6日 上午10:19

    You look very happy in the pictures.

  2. cool air makes clear mind to think about the challenge of the new advanture of life. Free up your mind to face your new life that very far away from sweet home town. with blessing to you~

  3. 我的心是阿得列企鵝2007年2月7日 晚上9:36


  4. 閃耀著金光般的絢麗~您拍的真美耶!

  5. Wonderful thoughts about life usually come up during traveling.
    Snow is beautiful, as long as it’s not too much…

  6. 最最優美最最親愛的音樂仙子姊姊平安


  7. 聽媽咪說仙子姊姊您聊到在倫敦的後花園像操場那麼大

  8. 媽咪終於成功地將您三重奏版放在永久部落格(請網友幫忙的)




    還有媽咪說您穿舞衣當仙女 那些照片都好迷人喔



  9. 看一個人有多幸福,就看他能夠對多小的事感激 :)

  10. airplane landing in Heathrow airport前看Thames River ,之後再盤旋而下,也看到那個有名的摩天輪,再看那Paddingtom火車站,及那個大的圓形stadium,It's London。
    我發覺Alina's Song太感傷,希望妳不要陷入莫札特晚年那種自棄的悲傷中,那是會要人命的。畢竟有美好的音樂、美麗的風景、我看妳的部落格裡有很多的朋友,人生有此應可滿足了,至於那不可追的,就讓之過去吧!

    1. Dear Mike,
      Thank you very much for visiting my blog. It's my pleasure to share my passion of music and art and so glad that you love music  so much too!
      There's story in behind Alina;s Song, maybe one day I'll write about it. But please do not worry about me, I am very positive and always cherish and enjoy what I have in life... at the same time trying my best to get closer to the perfect realm in art... I will continue working hard!
      May you have a wonderful Chinese new year, may your beautiful dreams come true~ O:-)

      warm wishes from Veronica

  11. Dear 慈瑩:

    1. Dear Edward,
      您寫得好棒好美喔   謝謝您
      在中國年將至的此刻   自遠方送來溫暖的祝福
      願您與家人們展新的一年幸福喜悅 O:-)

      love and bless from Veronica @};-

  12. Thank you foryour nice words!

    I can feel that you say so, touching my heart........

    I love those feelings so much , and they soothe my confused mind when I am unhappy.

    I'm going to write more and more my best favorite things , study touched things, look at the beautiful blue sky by the ocean, and making my dear friends so joyful.

    How a wonderful world in my life, if you would enourage me a lot , my Friend!

    Please! Come here often and say something....

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Dear 慈瑩:我想您最近一定很繁忙吧!昨日才跟倫倫提起您,您的文章我透過翻譯才看懂內容,提筆寫下詩句給您,祝福您新春快樂!不知下回何時回來台灣,上次提到的東西已經拿去印刷,可惜您回倫敦去了,只好等您回來在寄去給您嘍!另外;倫倫寄了卡片給您,她想您應該沒收到,就等著您回來看了。

  14. What a lovely picture, a little snowy house with a little shining girl.

  15. 藍綠水- Passion Yu2007年2月13日 晚上10:33

    不是很確定妳這句話是否有"弦外之音"~~There are little happenings around me, and I take them as delightful blessings in life~...但相信"冰雪聰明又真誠智慧"的妳...足以將一切的意外轉化為~~生命中的祝福... @};- ~~
    Flying ~~真的是轉換心情,重新檢視自己生活~~很好的方式之一...在一次次的起降之後...似乎會更加珍惜~~曾擁有的一切~~...也似乎會更加"專注努力的"去過好每一個當下...一直很愛~~毋負今日~~這句中一中的校訓...

    願妳 一切安好 情人節快樂 新年快樂!!! ~~ @};- ~~

  16. Dear Veronica :) ,
    Today is February 14, 2007 and happen to be Valentine's Day.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you.

    I write an article about my thinking of LOVE.

    全文 「談情說愛,愛情如是觀」及 7 張照片,請連結網頁「活得精采,劉偉澍的部落格」。   Welcome to visit myblog for new photos.

    BTW, I am going to take a trip to South Africa during the Chinese New Year holiday.

    元日 --  王安石(1021--1086)

    Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family as well.

  17. 來拜年囉~~~
    恭禧發財! 豬事順利!
    豬年行大運! :D

  18. Dear my friend:

    I don't know where are you now.
    Anywhy hopy you have a happy Chinese New Year.
    Don't forget we miss you since Taiwan.

  19. My dear friend 小玟
    I am sorry that the system went wrong so the message remains only one sentence...
    Happy new year to you too! And I miss you all  too! Life is very busy here but I'd love to  send my warm love from London to you all~  Thank you all so much for always supporting me with warm heart~
    Wish you are always well and happy and fulfill your dreams in the new year~
    warmest from veronica @};-

  20. It's been long time not see your updates on the blog. Hope you got everything on the way as your plan and wishes~
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    希望你 安自謝 (客語)